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Who we are American Resort Management - Grand Prairie Texas

The Premier Resort Management Company

American Resort Management is a full-service hospitality management company located in Erie, Pennsylvania. Celebrating ARM’s 20th anniversary, bringing experience from our consultants and management leaders in expertise in hospitality and leisure operations, development, and management.

Our Story . . . Getting to Know Us

History of American Resort Management - Grand Prairie Texas


Renowned for expert, award-winning hospitality management, specializing in waterparks, resorts, and full-service hotels, American Resort Management offers its 20-year reputation in property development and long-term management for independent and franchise businesses in the hospitality industry.
Culture and Vision of American Resort Management - Grand Prairie Texas

Culture and Vision

Our goal is to achieve successful partnerships with hospitality and resort businesses, providing excellence in guest experience and a positive return on investment for owners. We are dedicated to creating successful properties that also contribute to the local community.
Meet Our Team in American Resort Management - Grand Prairie Texas

Meet Our Team

Our team of hospitality experts each has over two decades of hands-on experience in hotel operations. From marketing strategies to the design and operation of waterparks, we create custom business plans to meet your vision and financial goals.