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Sitemap of American Resort Management - Grand Prairie Texas

About American Resort Management

American Resort Management, LLC, and ARM Hospitality, LLC, are full-service hospitality management companies based out of Erie, Pennsylvania, offering diverse experience from our consultants and management leaders. Since 2006, we have been providing leading property development and long-term management to independent and franchise businesses. American Resort Management is your trusted partner in the hospitality industry. 

American resort management

Learn more about American Resort Management, browse our hospitality portfolio and read about the latest news and happenings on our blog or in the press.

About arm

American Resort Management is a leading hospitality management company with an expert team that offers over 100 years of expertise in the long-term management of hotels, resorts and more.


ARM specializes in the development, consultation, operation and long-term management of full-service hotels, resorts, waterparks and other leisure centers nationwide.

Reservations/contact us

If you want to partner with American Resort Management for business development, sales and marketing strategies or the long-term management of your hospitality property, contact us to learn more.