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FAQs - Ask the Experts in Hospitality

  • What is hospitality management?
    Hospitality management encompasses the multifaceted role of supervising daily operations, administration and commercial aspects within the diverse hospitality industry. Unlike the narrower scope of hotel management, hospitality management encompasses a range of sectors, including food and beverage, travel, accommodation and event management. American Resort Management, LLC, is an established and qualified hotel and resort developers that manage a variety of projects ranging from resorts, hotels and waterparks to restaurants and entertainment venues. We approach every project with a result-focused and adaptable mentality to ensure the success of each property. 
  • What does a hotel management company do?
    Hotel proprietors enlist hotel management firms to assume the vital role of overseeing all fundamental functions and services required for a thriving hotel. We are a hands-on management team with laser-focused attention to detail that ensures that all stages of development, implementation and monitoring are a success. Utilizing a cutting-edge philosophy for success, waterparks, resorts, hotels, restaurants and leisure outlets operated by American Resort Management, LLC, and its affiliates achieve incredibly high marks on overall guest satisfaction, as well as valuable word-of-mouth advertising. 
  • What hotel development services do you offer?
    Whether you aim to grow the revenue of your existing hotel or resort or expand with a new property, American Resort Management's hotel management and development services can be tailored to meet your existing and future needs. Beginning with the project planning phase, and moving to pre-opening development and facility post-opening, our team helps you manage your timeline, business plan and operations. Just some of the services we provide include developing QA programs, recruiting senior management, reviewing construction progress, grand opening planning, site inspections, expense monitoring and yield and rate management. We'll work with you to meet your critical goals. 
  • How do you help hotels improve revenue?
    Our targeted, site-specific sales and marketing programs are central to building a strong base of revenue for each property we manage. We implement individualized sales and marketing strategies, which are closely monitored by our vice president of sales and marketing. 
  • Do you offer training programs for hospitality businesses?

    Yes. An immediate priority is the hiring and initial sales training for the hospitality business sales department. We provide: 

    • Recruitment and hiring of qualified, experienced sales personnel 

    • Initial sales training for all sales personnel 

    • Establishment and implementation of sales processes and procedures 

  • Are waterparks a good investment?
    Investing in a waterpark makes financial sense for theme park owners due to lower construction and maintenance costs. Waterpark visitors often extend their stays and spend more, making it a lucrative venture. A thriving theme park might yield a 35% operating profit margin, but a successful waterpark can achieve profits exceeding 55%. 
  • What are the revenue streams for resorts and waterparks, and how can they be optimized?
    Leveraging amenities can be a significant revenue source for resorts and waterparks. ARM Hospitality excels in revenue management strategies, optimizing profits from F&B, spas, pools and golf courses. With extensive experience managing hotels of all types and sizes, including full-service, select-service and limited-service, we prioritize operational excellence and exceptional guest experiences, ensuring maximum ROI for owners and investors. 
  • What are the key factors when planning the development of a new resort or waterpark?

    ARM works closely with the new resort or waterpark development team to ensure all project planning and pre-opening development tasks are completed.   

    • Master facility considerations 

    • Branding recommendations 

    • Food & beverage operations 

    • Aquatic areas and rides 

    • Arcades/retail outlets and attractions 

    • Other ancillary guest experience areas 

    • Back of house areas 

    • Life safety and security 

    • Energy management and profitability 

    • Timeline development 

    • Reviewing construction progress 

    • Recruiting senior management 

    • Developing business plan/budgets 

    • Establishing financial standards 

    • FF&E procurement 

    • Developing human resources policies and training 

    • Establishing standard operating procedures 

    • Setting financial controls 

    • Developing quality assurance programs 

    • Insurance negotiations 

  • What are the biggest challenges faced in managing a hospitality property, hotel or resort?
    Operational costs such as labor, utility and insurance rates are big challenges facing the hospitality industry. Labor costs pose a significant challenge for the hospitality sector, which relies heavily on staff to deliver guest services. Elevated labor expenses can hinder profitability and hinder a hotel's competitive edge. STR's Hospitality Industry Sentiment survey highlights labor-related concerns along with energy/utility costs. 
  • How can resorts and waterparks effectively attract and retain customers in a competitive market?
    Attracting new customers and retaining current customers in a competitive market requires an analysis of current marketing strategies and implementation of new targeted strategies that will enhance the overall guest experience.  
  • How important is customer service in the hospitality industry, and what strategies can be implemented to improve it?
    Our culture and operating philosophy are deeply rooted in guestology, which refers to an understanding that every decision made at any level has an impact on the guest experience. The guest experience begins from the first perception a future guest receives before making the commitment to stay at your hotel or resort, and we are committed to providing unmatched service to enhance and elevate the guest experience from beginning to end. American Resort Management, LLC, and ARM Hospitality, LLC, have received major awards from various national franchises for outstanding guest satisfaction due to the guestology philosophy. 
  • What are some sustainable practices that can be implemented in the management of resorts and waterparks?
    Not only do we strive for the most energy-efficient solutions for our properties, but we also highlight the importance of recycling. We strongly believe in sustaining a healthy environment for our properties, community and world, and work directly with our partners to develop sustainable practices for their properties. 
  • How can resorts and waterparks effectively market their services to guests?

    Among other things, ARM provides a comprehensive sales and marketing action plan tailored to each waterpark or resort, which includes:   

    • Target markets: Identifying target audiences, feeder markets, demographics and competitive comparisons 

    • Marketplace analysis: Identifying demand generators, as well as creating a complete review and analysis of all socioeconomic factors that will impact the property 

    • Competition analysis: Creating a comprehensive SWOT analysis of all competitors to include the identification of strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities, as well as the identification of current business generators 

    • Price positioning: Researching competitive pricing, as well as the development of price positioning strategies and pricing 

    • Targeted key accounts and sales strategies: Developing a targeted key account list, as well as overall sales strategies that include monthly detailed sales action plans for each member of the sales and marketing team 

    • Sales production goals and sales action plans: Developing specific production goals, as well as sales and marketing action plans, to include monthly detailed action steps for each member of the sales and marketing team 

    • Advertising plan and budget: Developing a detailed advertising plan and budget to effectively reach all target markets through a variety of channels including e-marketing, which includes website design, search engine optimization and effective digital media campaigns 

    • Marketing and PR strategies: Developing targeted marketing and public relations strategies by department, including the effective use of social media and online reputation management 

  • What are some best practices for managing staff and maintaining a positive work environment in the hospitality industry?
    The key component in the success of American Resort Management, LLC, and its affiliates lies in its team of qualified and passionate experts. As we grow, we continue to seek highly skilled, motivated and well-trained managers to lead the organizations we manage. We provide training adherent to our culture and vision.