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  • Waterpark & Aquatic Center Development Facilities by American Resort Management, Pennsylvania

Waterpark Project Development & Management

ARM has extensive experience in the operation and management of waterpark projects of every size including,
  • Indoor Waterparks
  • Outdoor Waterparks
  • Waterpark Resorts
  • Community & Municipal Waterparks
  • Community & Municipal Aquatic Centers
Project Planning
ARM works closely with the development team in the overall design of the waterpark and aquatic facilities including,
  • Master Facility Considerations
  • Branding Recommendations
  • Food & Beverage Operations
  • Aquatic Areas & Rides
  • Arcades / Retail Outlets & Attractions
  • Other Ancillary Guest Experience Areas
  • Back of House Areas
  • Life Safety & Security
  • Energy Management & Profitability
Waterpark & Aquatic Center Development Project Planning by American Resort Management
Pre-opening Development
ARM works with your team to prepare for the facility's opening, providing critical tasks including,
  • Timeline Development
  • Reviewing Construction Progress
  • Recruiting Senior Management
  • Developing Business Plan / Budgets
  • Establishing Financial Standards
  • FF&E Procurement
  • Developing Human Resources Policies & Training
  • Establishing Standard Operating Procedures
  • Setting Financial Controls
  • Developing Quality Assurance Programs
  • Insurance Negotiations
American Resort Management offers Pre-opening Development
Post Opening Monitoring
The ARM team provides on-site supervision during this critical phase including oversight and assistance in,
  • Receiving and Installing Operational Supplies and Equipment
  • Large Scale Hiring and Training
  • Pre-Opening Commission & Start-Up Testing
  • Grand Opening Planning & Opening Day
  • Implementation of Standard Procedures
  • Implementation of Quality Assurance Program
Waterpark & Aquatic Center Development Project Post Opening Monitoring
Project Management
We offer full-service, on-going management for all waterpark projects, which includes monitoring the operations of the resort through,
  • Site Inspections / Monitoring
  • Quality Assurance Monitoring
  • Financial Report Monitoring
  • Expense Monitoring & Controls
  • Yield & Rate Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Routine Audits
  • Optimization of Performance
Waterpark & Aquatic Center Development Project Management by American Resort Management
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