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  • Distressed Properties and Receiverships offered by American Resort Management, Pennsylvania

Distressed Properties & Hospitality Asset Management

American Resort Management, ARM Hospitality and ARM Leisure have a proven record of managing distressed properties including resorts, full-service and limited-service hotels, and restaurants. Our team also provides receivership management and consulting work with a number of banks such as Citizens Bank, Peoples Bank, Bank 1st, Wells Fargo, Midland Loan Servicing, and U.S. Bank National Association.
Our Hotel Receivership and Asset Management Services:
  • Turn-Around Resort, Hotel and Restaurant Management Services
  • Cash Management and Financial Reporting
  • Navigating and Implementing Brand Changes
  • Asset Redevelopment and Repositioning
  • Operational Reviews and Recommended Action Plans
  • Creation and Implementation of Business Plans
  • Creation and implementation of Sales & Marketing Plans
  • Capital and Annual Operational Budgeting
  • Market Positioning and Revenue Maximization
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