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FAQs - Ask the Experts in Hospitality

  • What are the key factors when planning the development of a new resort or waterpark?

    ARM works closely with the new resort or waterpark development team to ensure all project planning and pre-opening development tasks are completed.   

    • Master facility considerations 

    • Branding recommendations 

    • Food & beverage operations 

    • Aquatic areas and rides 

    • Arcades/retail outlets and attractions 

    • Other ancillary guest experience areas 

    • Back of house areas 

    • Life safety and security 

    • Energy management and profitability 

    • Timeline development 

    • Reviewing construction progress 

    • Recruiting senior management 

    • Developing business plan/budgets 

    • Establishing financial standards 

    • FF&E procurement 

    • Developing human resources policies and training 

    • Establishing standard operating procedures 

    • Setting financial controls 

    • Developing quality assurance programs 

    • Insurance negotiations