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FAQs - Ask the Experts in Hospitality

  • How can resorts and waterparks effectively market their services to guests?

    Among other things, ARM provides a comprehensive sales and marketing action plan tailored to each waterpark or resort, which includes:   

    • Target markets: Identifying target audiences, feeder markets, demographics and competitive comparisons 

    • Marketplace analysis: Identifying demand generators, as well as creating a complete review and analysis of all socioeconomic factors that will impact the property 

    • Competition analysis: Creating a comprehensive SWOT analysis of all competitors to include the identification of strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities, as well as the identification of current business generators 

    • Price positioning: Researching competitive pricing, as well as the development of price positioning strategies and pricing 

    • Targeted key accounts and sales strategies: Developing a targeted key account list, as well as overall sales strategies that include monthly detailed sales action plans for each member of the sales and marketing team 

    • Sales production goals and sales action plans: Developing specific production goals, as well as sales and marketing action plans, to include monthly detailed action steps for each member of the sales and marketing team 

    • Advertising plan and budget: Developing a detailed advertising plan and budget to effectively reach all target markets through a variety of channels including e-marketing, which includes website design, search engine optimization and effective digital media campaigns 

    • Marketing and PR strategies: Developing targeted marketing and public relations strategies by department, including the effective use of social media and online reputation management