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  • EB-5 Visa Program Consultantion American Resort Management, Pennsylvania

EB-5 Visa Program Consultation and Investment

Over the past few years, the EB-5 foreign investment program has provided the hospitality industry with invaluable funding opportunities. The program makes it possible for foreign entrepreneurs to obtain permanent green cards by investing in US business. American Resort Management, LLC and its affiliates have in-depth experience utilizing this program to ensure funding for every relevant project.

Our Services

Within our scope of consulting services offered, we will analyze the merits of creating an EB-5 regional center or submitting the project through an existing regional center. Once the best approach is determined, we will recommend a team of professionals well suited for your specific project who, along with American Resort Management, LLC, will develop, produce and submit extensive documentation needed to receive the required approvals.
Having your operating partner lead these efforts will provide the opportunity for cohesiveness throughout the process and to guarantee that developed plans are based on an achievable reality.
Contact American Resort Management, LLC today to discuss how the EB-5 program works, how it could be utilized for your project, what resources are needed to receive approval and how we can help you achieve your funding goals.
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