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  • Culture & Vision of American Resort Management, Pennsylvania

Discover the Values of Our Top Resort Management Group

Our Pledge
We firmly believe in the importance of upholding our corporate responsibility to our guests, associates and the community. We pledge to create a culture bound by strong ethical standards that supports those we work with.
Pledge of American resort management
Properties of American resort management
Our Properties
Just as our goal is to deliver the very best services and products, our properties also go above and beyond to meet their guests' needs. We are committed to the ongoing success of our partnerships
Going Green
Going Green
Not only do we strive for the most energy-efficient solutions for our properties, but we also highlight the importance of recycling. We strongly believe in sustaining a healthy environment for our properties, community and world.
We actively support local charities via ongoing fundraisers, donations and consulting work. Our corporate offices, as well as our partner properties, work within their communities to contribute to local efforts:
  • Christmas gifts
    ARM and properties have provided substantial numbers of Christmas gifts through Angel Tree, Toys for Tots and Community Shelter Services.
  • volunteered hundreds of hours to soup kitchens
    ARM and property employees have volunteered hundreds of hours to soup kitchens nationwide.
  • foods to community food banks
    ARM and properties have participated in annual food drives and have provided thousands of pounds of foods to community food banks.
  • support local schools and charity efforts
    ARM and its properties have donated more than $10,000 worth of raffle items to support local schools and charity efforts
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